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Soap Dish, Glasses Coaster, and Candle Holder – 100% Organic & Sustainable Pine – Medea Organics


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This handmade soap dish is made from sustainable pine wood, is water resistant and biodegradable.

It is our signature soap dish and shows our Medea Organics logo in the center, whose purpose is not only aesthetic, but also acts as a grip so that the soap does not slip.

Can also be used as a coaster.

Material: Pine wood.

Dimensions 13 cm x 11 cm/5.12 in x 4.33 in

Please Note: Due to the natural features of pine wood, each and every piece is slightly different to the other. The beautiful natural pattern of the wood will differ as well as the color that can change from one piece to the other.

Made in Sicily, Italy

About Medea Organics:

Well-being, love for the land, respect for nature.

Why choose Medea Organics products?

Medea Organics is a small artisan activity born in Sicily, on the slopes of the Etna volcano. They make sustainable items, making them with the best local raw materials and respecting the environment. To make their products they use the best raw materials, directly found on their territory. Medea Organics believes in respecting and caring for the environment, and for this reason they practice zero waste. In addition, to limit waste and better preserve the freshness of their products, Medea Organics is made to order. In our products there is a lot of love for the earth and for the environment. In addition to being beautiful, Medea Organic’s products want to be functional and practical.

Know that you will fall in love with their products!

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 5.12 × 4.33 × 0.7 in



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