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Product/Packaging Environmental, Sustainability, and Labor Policy

Products – All are made from 100% natural, organic, recycled, upcycled, or a combination of these materials except for a very small portion of products that contain a minimal percentage of acrylic/poly fibers. These products will be upgraded to remove the small percentage of acrylic/poly fibers, or they will be replaced with a more environmentally friendly alternative in the very near future. 

Product Manufacturing – Our products are manufactured, created, or hand-made in environmentally friendly manners that respect the earth, the water, and all living beings.

Product Packaging – Many of our products come in zero waste packaging, most of the remaining products come in curbside recyclable packaging, while some products may come with plastic wrap that is only recyclable at drop off locations. Please refer to your local recycling guidelines. 

Shipping Packaging – All our products are shipped in 100% curbside recyclable packaging, except if the package has tissue paper. The tissue paper may not be curbside recyclable, please check your local recycling guidelines. Otherwise, the tissue paper is compostable or may be taken to a recycling drop off point.

Eco Enclose products used in product shipping: 

Boxes: 100% recycled content (95% post-consumer waste), curbside recyclable, compostable (though recycling is preferred), and made in the USA.

Paper Mailer: 100% recycled content (97% post-consumer waste), curbside recyclable, compostable (though recycling is preferred), tamper-evident, and made in the USA.

Tape: Curbside recyclable, 50% recycled content, compostable (though recycling is preferred), renewable paper backing, water activated corn starch adhesive,and tamper proof. This tape is more efficient than plastic tape so less is used, and made in the USA.

Packaging Paper: 100% recycled content, 100% curbside recyclable, compostable (though recycling is preferred), and made in the USA.

Shipping Labels: Zero waste release liner which is 100% recycled and curbside recyclable, 100% post-consumer waste white paper label that is fully recyclable, and made in the USA

Stickers: PositivEarth branded stickers have 100% recycled and curbside recyclable liners, face stock that is 100% post-consumer waste paper, water based ink, and no top plastic/poly coating or layer.

Glassine Bags: FSC certified, made with virgin paper, curbside recyclable, compostable (though recycling is preferred), 100% paper no silicone coating or poly additives or coatings, and acid free.

Labor – All products at PositivEarth are made in the USA or are fair trade.

Certifications – All of the companies PositivEarth sources products from have a wide range of different eco certifications for products, manufacturing, and labor including, but not limited to: USDA Organic, Green Business Bureau, Green C Certification, Fair Trade Certified, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council), SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) Chain-of-Custody, Green Seal, and Certified Humane. As a new and small business PositivEarth currently does not have these certifications itself, but is working towards receiving the certifications that apply to PositivEarth as soon as possible.

PositivEarth’s Pledge – PositivEarth promises to constantly work to source and increase our product offering of only the most environmentally friendly, sustainable, and fair labor products in the world, while at the same time cutting out products and companies that don’t live up to our standards or you, the customer’s standards.

Mission Statement – To protect and respect the gift of life, and earth we must be conscious of our impact as consumers and businesses.

As a company PositivEarth strives to source renewable, sustainable, and natural high-quality products with an emphasis on local economies and small businesses.

Beyond PositivEarth’s product line we continually support charitable, and educational causes.