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Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our Mission

To protect and respect the gift of life, and earth we must be conscious of our impact as consumers and businesses.

As a company PositivEarth strives to source renewable, sustainable, and natural high-quality products with an emphasis on local economies and small businesses.

Beyond PositivEarth’s product line we continually support charitable, and educational causes.

Our products lead the way in eco-friendly living


Created from materials that naturally occur in the world.


No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.


Resources that are naturally replenished over time, can be used up if not sourced sustainably.


Resources used that do not jeopordize the future supply or the environment.


Recycled materials are broken down or destroyed from their original state before re-use.

Product/Packaging Environmental, Sustainability, and Labor Standards

PositivEarth strives to source the most environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ethical products and packaging in the United States and Worldwide. While not all products and their packaging are the same, and some may be considered more “eco-friendly” than others, PositivEarth maintains a baseline standard. You can read our full Environmental, Sustainability, and Labor Policy here.

All products are ethically made in USA or globally near the source of raw materials.

Giving Back

We support the following non-profit environmental organizations by direct donation, membership, and/or involvement, as well as encouraging our customers to do so as well.

Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch

For 30+ years Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch has coordinated conservation efforts for 12 miles of Manatee County shoreline.

Urban Ecology Center

Our vision is to inspire generations to build environmental curiosity, understanding, and respect. We restore hope and heal our urban natural world, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Products Sourced and Shipped Locally

  • Most products made in the U.S.A. Other products are fair trade or ethically made at or very near the source of the raw materials.
  • We are working everyday to expand our “Featured” product line.
  • Our “Featured” products are some of our highest quality, most eco-friendly, and most unique products.
  • All products currently ship from the U.S.A.
  • Due to warehousing constraints some products may ship seperately from others in the order.
  • Only our “Featured” products are available for worldwide shipping.
  • All other products will ship only in the U.S. to the contiguous/lower 48 states.
  • See our full shipping policy here.

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Our Commitment

Quality eco-friendly products

Easy to Contribute

PositivEarth pledges to donate 1% of profits to environmental causes

Positive Impact

Every purchase helps to create a PositivEarth