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Cropped Hemp T-Shirt – planetHEMP – Black or White




A loose fitting, airy cropped t-shirt for freedom all summer!

53% Hemp 43% Organic Cotton 4% Lycra

• Care Instructions: Machine wash

Made in USA

Size charts most closely match Calvin Klein sizing and general size guideline is a 1″-2″ circumference difference per size.

About planetHEMP

  • Hemp athleisure apparel from Carnegie, Pennsylvania.
  • All products are made from premium hemp-based fabrics for comfort and movement.
  • planetHEMP supports an active lifestyle for conscious consumers.
  • Hemp requires 0 pesticides to grow, and therefore is an environmentally responsible alternative to cotton. About 80% of the product offering is cut and sewn in Carnegie, PA and designed by the family.

Cotton is responsible for an estimated 20% of our world’s pesticide use. In addition, clothing factories around the world manufacture apparel using unethical treatment of their workers and poor facility conditions. Many end-consumers are unaware of how their clothing was put together. At planetHEMP, we cut and sew our apparel in the United States and much of our clothing manufacturing occurs here, just outside of Pittsburgh in Carnegie, PA.


Natural fibers from organic hemp, superior strength and comfort, 0 harmful pesticides.

Now you can enjoy eco-friendly, ethically manufactured luxury athleisure that is made of hemp, an extremely durable fiber with thousands of advantageous uses.

Hemp & Us

Hemp fiber is stronger, better insulating and more durable than cotton. It wears in over time becoming more comfortable with use, drapes beautifully over your body’s natural contours and provides a feeling of natural quality and organic luxury. Our use of organic fabric blends and certified sustainable fabrics ensure premium comfort in our hemp-based garments.

Styles from our exclusive collections are designed and crafted by our family and friends. 100% of our Cut & Sew manufacturing is completed in the USA.

planetHEMP Fabric
All of our fabric selections contain hemp as the primary content, and are certified under at least one of the following certifications:

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • OCS Blended – Organic Content Standard
  • OCS 100 – Organic Content Standard

Importance of Hemp

Hemp as a crop is beneficial for farmers and the environment in general. Thousands of products can be made from hemp that are eco-friendly, highly effective alternatives to the status quo version of the equivalent product.

You may have noticed that hemp products are now surging in the mainstream. The primary environmental benefits of hemp textiles include:

  • Hemp’s natural pest-resistance allows it to be grown without the use of pesticides. Cotton is accountable for $2.6 Billion worth; over 10% of the world’s pesticide use and approximately 25% of the world’s insecticides.
  • Hemp is a durable fiber meaning longer-lasting, higher quality clothing, slowing the fast fashion trend. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and pollutes the oceans with micro-plastics.
  • Hemp uses about ¼ the amount of water that cotton requires to grow and produces a higher yield of fiber per acre which matters because the fashion industry is the planet’s second largest consumer of our water supply.

Choosing planetHEMP

By choosing hemp you are choosing to support an eco-friendly, higher quality alternative to the recent past of fashion. You are choosing to contribute to the development of the hemp textile industry which is an important renewal of past tradition for the well-being of our planet.

By choosing planetHEMP you are choosing to support a family-led movement to meet a growing demand for eco-fashion and hemp products. You are choosing American Manufacturing and attention to detail throughout the entire production process.

Thank you for choosing quality for yourself, it helps the planet. Thank you for choosing planetHEMP.


Made in USA




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