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Ring Sizer



Adjustable and reusable ring sizer so you can easily measure your finger sizes! The plastic finger gauge measures U.S. sizes 1–17 in half-size increments; the increments are clearly marked.

Tips for using ring sizer:

-Make sure the ring sizer fits over your knuckle

-Salty foods can cause fingers to swell up a bit, measure your finger at the end of the day when they tend to be a bit more swollen.

-Cold weather can cause your skin to shrink, while heat can cause it to expand. Make a note of this when sizing your finger.

-Keep in mind that fingers on each hand can have different sizes.

 -Rings with thick bands will always be slightly tighter than thin bands.

 –When in doubt, order up half a size.


Here are other printable guides you can use as well. 


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