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Rainbow Pride Ring




June is officially Pride Month, and in honor of Pride this gorgeous ring was designed! Gorgeous 2mm rainbow lab created gemstones are set in a sterling silver lightweight band. 

Red- Garnet (January birthstone)

Orange – Topaz (November birthstone)

Yellow- Citrine (November birthstone)

Green – Emerald (May birthstone)

Blue – Aquamarine (March birthstone)

Indigo –  Blue zircon (December birthstone)

Violet – Sapphire (September birthstone)

This sterling silver ring is set with Nanogems to depict a colorful rainbow. Nanogems are man-made, glass-ceramic material containing nano-sized crystals of spinel within its matrix. These stones have exceptional physical and optical properties with a more uniform color than CZs, synthetic quartz or synthetic corundum, and a hardness, reflective index and luster that is very close to natural gemstones. 


6, 7, 8, 9


Made in USA




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