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Full Moon Ring




All life on this planet is stimulated and touched by the moon, especially those who thrive in the dark. The oceans move back and forth in direct response to the moon. The moon is basically a life-affirming symbol that appears to be always changing. A Full Moon is a lunar phase that happens when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun, and is a significant period among spiritual societies.

Moon measures approx 1 inch.

“The spirit of Invocation, of longing for and reaching for contact with higher beings is strengthened at Full Moon. At each Full Moon, a stream of love is poured forth by all Masters and initiates who have taken at least the Third Initiation.”- Master Djwhal Khul

This beautiful ring is hand cut and hammered for a rustic feel to mimic the spots on the moon. Available in your ring size in three color options:
1.) Copper Moon with Sterling Silver Band
2.) All Sterling Silver
3.) All Yellow Gold Fill

100% handmade in Hermosa Beach, California USA using recycled metals and sustainable materials. These are made to order, so please allow up to 1 week production before shipping. Thank you!



copper/silver band, sterling silver


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Made in USA




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